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Zenith Commissioning envisions a world where all buildings work and thrive, so people can. We deliver holistically integrated buildings for our clients. We do this by using face to face communication, project continuity and solution focused teamwork to align expectations and mitigate hidden costs.

We are a small, local, dedicated commissioning and building performance company that is a champion for the building. Zenith has established itself as a leader in the commissioning industry with a repeat client base and a diverse project portfolio. We assist our clients in creating and delivering optimized buildings and are well experienced with process and methodology of commissioning, all building systems and building envelopes.

We’re a Canadian company, with a British founder. So we may say zehn-ith, while our fellow Canadians may say zee-nith. Either way is fine by us.

The primary goal of the commissioning process is to improve projects through great teamwork and communication. As specialists in commissioning of all systems in the built environment, we help our clients achieve their success within each project.

We work with:

Owners who want the most out of their investment

Contractors who want to deliver a successful project

Operators who want value and longevity

We serve as an overhead observer who can see any efficiencies, gaps or creative solutions waiting to happen in order to best engage and implement the specific project needs.

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