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Our Focus


Studies have shown that proper building commissioning is a cost-effective strategy for reducing energy, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings today and that the median payback for commissioning is five years or less. Our commissioning services deliver economic results for our clients.

Value is also obtained though the fundamental understanding of how the systems work in order to effectively operate the systems in the long term. Zenith is focused on not only ensuring a successful handover, but also in ensuring the operations, integration and implications of the systems are understood for optimal operational longevity.

Successful project commissioning can:

  • help significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • provide healthier occupant conditions
  • increase occupant satisfaction
  • decrease project delays
  • reduce the number of call-backs
  • facilitate upgrades
  • fulfill LEED certification requirements
  • ensure subsystems meet the owner’s requirements and operates as designed
  • empower operators, users and/or client through knowledge and understanding of the systems
Puzzle and Problem Solvers

We aim to solve puzzles early on in order to avoid solving late-stage problems, but we’re good at solving both. One puzzle piece that is constantly changing is the rapidly advancing technologies in construction. Using our team’s experience in design, functional testing, complex systems, and existing buildings we provide simple, time-tested solutions. We apply our extensive knowledge and experience to new building commissioning in order to minimize life cycle costs with energy saving strategies that are both innovative and maintainable. Commissioning goals are aligned with the project goals to deliver a fully functional and integrated facility.

Project Continuity and Diligence

Zenith recognizes the challenges that can arise as a project progresses through the different teams that are involved in the various stages of a project. Our team is dedicated to each project throughout its entire timeline, allowing your project to smoothly transition between phases while ensuring continuity. We understand the project requirements and use these as the touchstone for all aspects of the project, from design through construction into handover, and through the first year of operation. Our commitment continues via tangible engagement into the warranty period, bridging construction, handover and operations for an optimized building that extends into its intended use.


Communication is the most important contributing factor in the implementation of successful commissioning. We are committed to establishing and maintaining great communication within every project – beyond the meetings and paperwork – to create effective working relationships throughout every phase of the project. By integrating ourselves with the design, construction and operation teams we ensure commissioning proceeds smoothly, responsibilities are clearly defined, and information is directed to those that need it most.

Zenith is comprised of commissioning specialists in mechanical, electrical, controls, and fire and life safety disciplines with experience in the commissioning of complex building systems and equipment.

We have over 45 combined years of international commissioning experience in Commissioning Management in Healthcare, Institutional, Industrial, Laboratories, Schools, Mixed Use, Residential, Retail, Commercial and Government projects.

Our Commissioning Services

New Construction Commissioning
  • core & shell
  • tenant improvements
New Building LEED® Services
  • Fundamental Commissioning
  • Enhanced Commissioning
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