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Our Team

The Zenith Commissioning Team

Zenith Commissioning is a specialized commissioning company founded by Daniel Boyton in 2014. We are local Vancouver firm with great presence in both our industry and local communities and have forged great relationships with our peers and clients. Our team is what continues to make Zenith successful.

Daniel Boyton

BEng | Principal & Commissioning Specialist

Daniel Boyton, founder of Zenith Commissioning, is a highly skilled commissioning provider with over 20 years of experience. He is invested in every project in Zenith’s portfolio and believes that excellent commissioning work requires a passion for collaboration and communication.

Daniel’s expertise allows him to appreciate and understand what’s needed from all aspects of the design and construction process, allowing for an agile and hands-on approach. He has a successful track record in managing the commissioning process for various large and complex projects valued at up to $2 billion. His participation in and understanding of the CAN/ULC-S1001-11 Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety standard and work within the industry has resulted in successful testing coordination for several projects.

Daniel has extensive experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, controls, envelope and partition, life safety, IM/IT commissioning, and systems integration. His natural curiosity adds an added skill, allowing him to identify potential issues and solutions to help minimize delays and mitigate costs.

With over fifteen years of experience leading teams, Daniel utilizes an integrated approach to empower people, enhance the commissioning process, and ultimately increase the success of the construction process at every level. Problem-solving and superior client relationships are at the core of Daniel’s values, and his collaborative and inclusive approach has made him a recognized leader in the industry.

Outside work, his outgoing and sociable personality, combined with his many interests, means he’s bringing people together, whether for a group bike ride, a ski trip, or a social pub night.

Russell Smalley

Commissioning Provider

Russell Smalley has been involved in the industry for over two decades and is experienced in leading commissioning projects and CAN/ULC-S1001-11 Integrated Systems Testing coordination. His driving commissioning philosophy of “trust but verify” lends to his integrated and hands-on approach to the entire process. Russ’ collaborative approach makes him an excellent team player and has contributed to the success of many projects.

Learning from the top of a ladder and by doing, Russ quickly progressed from BMS controls installation and programming to specializing in mechanical systems commissioning for eleven years and eventually managing the department at an established Vancouver firm. Since joining Zenith, Russ has successfully completed numerous commissioning and integrated testing projects with various clients.

Russ has worked in every market segment throughout BC during his commissioning career. He is talented at pinpointing hidden issues, redirecting projects back on course, and unifying diverse teams to resolve problems. He has a proven history of anticipating issues and reducing delays, regardless of the project’s size or scope. He proactively identifies areas for improvement within building systems and operations, contributing to his positive reputation in the industry.

Russ’s natural curiosity results in numerous hobbies and interests. He enjoys silversmithing, blacksmithing, motorcycle trail riding, and coaching beginner-level Olympic 3-position marksmanship.

Ron Foley

DipIET | Commissioning Provider

Ron Foley is an experienced commissioning provider who has worked on various project types as the owner’s commissioning authority, mechanical contractor’s commissioning agent and CAN/ULC-S1001-11 Integrated Systems Testing coordinator throughout BC.

Ron brings his hands-on experience in the installation, troubleshooting, and start-up of various equipment. He also worked in the automation industry, bringing knowledge of designing, programming, and integrating HVAC systems for different facility types. This hands-on and in-depth experience allows Ron to foresee issues that may arise and discuss the DDC programming attributes and integration points for multiple system types. He has worked in various sectors, including residential, cultural, commercial, and industrial.

His focus on bringing value to his projects and building relationships within each team has allowed him to proactively address the project’s needs. Ron’s professional, approachable, and collaborative leadership style ensures a smooth and effective process throughout each project.

Living in Vancouver, Ron has ample opportunity to enjoy his favourite outdoor activities, which include running, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, and camping.

Desmond Wan

MEng | Commissioning Provider

Desmond Wan brings a decade of experience and knowledge in electrical systems, building science, building commissioning and systems integration. Before coming to Vancouver, he spent four years developing a quality-first approach to different control projects. His keen interest in ensuring a sustainable building design is built as intended led him to building commissioning.

Desmond has played a vital role in the projects undertaken by the firm, working on various project types, including healthcare, residential and civic. His ability to work as part of a team has resulted in excellent professional relationships.

Desmond’s ability to synthesize information as a CAN/ULC-S1001-11 Integrated Systems Testing Coordinator has been exhibited on small and large projects throughout BC. His knowledge, experience, and demonstrated talent for quickly learning new information, procedures, and technologies are part of his career success.

In his free time, Desmond can be found tinkering with computer projects, following the latest Japanese manga and animation updates, and exploring Vancouver to find great restaurants and cultural activities.

Corey Melville

CEA, BA |Commissioning Provider

Corey Melville has over a decade of experience in building commissioning, environmental, and sustainability sectors. He enjoys collaboration and building strong relationships through effective communication.

A successful career in environmental consulting led Corey to specialize in indoor environmental quality and eventually commissioning, as he understands the importance of sustainable and efficient buildings. While working for six years in the UK, he successfully delivered various residential, commercial, and institutional projects in central London.

He believes in a client-centric approach, focusing the team’s effort on delivering environmentally friendly and energy-efficient buildings. Corey’s versatility allows him to thrive in collaborative and cross-disciplinary roles. His curiosity is at the core of his personal and professional development pursuits.

When he’s not working, Corey enjoys playing a variety of sports, such as hockey, softball, golf, and volleyball. He also enjoys spending time outdoors: backcountry hiking and camping in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Kris Cox

BID (Applied), DipBA | Operations Manager

Kris Cox is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes management as Operations Manager. Her background includes a Diploma in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, and years of experience with people-first human resources, administration, and bookkeeping. Her personality and abilities have been integral in building Zenith from the ground up. She has contributed to the company’s smooth operation and continues to bring Zenith’s values to life in principle and everyday practice.

Kris believes her most important contribution is supporting and developing Zenith’s people through meaningful daily contributions. She continually demonstrates compassion, dedication, and professionalism by recognizing the needs of the staff and the requirements of Zenith as a company.

When she’s not working, you’ll likely find Kris training for her next triathlon, enjoying a quiet night in or eating around whatever city she and her husband travel to.

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