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Cap West

Located in North Vancouver, Cap West is a mixed-use community consisting of 380 seniors and rental apartments, a 24,000 sq ft community centre, retail space and a self-storage facility in the basement.

With a phased occupancy, Zenith worked with the Design and Build teams to ensure a safe and comfortable partial occupancy for Larco’s clients, while continuing with the ongoing construction. Working closely with the construction manager, Zenith’s high-level commissioning perspective was a key asset in aiding the integration of the various, specialized systems.

Overseeing the integration and operation of the fire and life safety throughout the project, the 126,000 sq storage facility presented unique challenges, such as compartmentalized smoke control and the subterranean location. Zenith worked with and provided the basis for the specific training the Fire Department required.

Zenith’s continued dedication and hands-on methodology throughout construction, handover, and deficiencies differentiated Zenith as an outstanding Cx provider.

ClientLarco Investments
Project TypeCulture & Community
LocationDistrict of North Vancouver, BC
Size500,000 sq ft
Zenith ServicesFull Building Commissioning
Rating System-
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