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Whistle Bend Continuing Care

The Whistle Bend Continuing Care centre is to facilitate continued care, enabling Yukon people to have access to end of life facilities locally. The Yukon government created this facility to allow the Yukon community to care for the aging population, providing 150 full-time resident beds. Programming is a combination of standard, mental health, palliative and acute care. The building is also designed to facilitate accessible activities for the promotion of wellness.

This project features the breadth of systems that Zenith’s team commissions, with HVAC, domestic water and lighting being standard systems. We also oversaw the dynamic commissioning services that a facility of this nature commands, including separate wings with segregated needs, systems to support the wellbeing and the care functions of the residents and systems to aid the nursing staff in their duties:

  • Specific system integration is required for patient anti-roaming functions including security, elevators, a GPS module and local patient tracking, creating a safer environment for the residents’ varied needs.
  • The air systems are required for additional functions beyond typical ventilation functions, including smoke control and isolation mode in case of pandemic or airborne containment. This requires multiple air handing units being sequenced and integrated with the DDC and fire alarms.

Other considerations include smudging ceremonies with an indoor fire pit, a main commercial kitchen, multiple resident kitchens, and private resident and aided washroom facilities. The extreme environmental conditions of Whitehorse’s climate are also a considerable factor and requires heat reclamation and wastewater retention tanks to cope with temperatures to -60°C.

Zenith’s ability to identify and define the root causes of arising issues proved invaluable to the close out of the project.

ClientPCL, with Yukon Territorial Government
Project TypeHealth Care, Residential
LocationWhitehorse, YT
Size170,000 sq ft
Zenith ServicesFull Building Commissioning, Information Technology (IMIT) Commissioning
Rating System-
Construction Budget$146 million
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